Philosophy – MALVA FLOREA: Dresses, suits, tops, shorts, down jackets and denim.

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Being a creative mind needs to be ready for experiment and find something new

Malva Verbytska,
designer, creative director of
Malva Florea

The Malva Florea brand was founded in 2005 by designer Malva Verbytska. Thanks to the collection shows in Ukraine and abroad (Ukrainian Fashion Week, Wedding Fashion Week, Charity Show in Philadelphia, Mallorca Yacht Week), the brand became famous and found its fans. In 2017, the designer developed a couture line and also created a capsule collection ‘A special story’ for the LES SUITES boutique. Embroidery, handmade, the usage of innovative solutions in working with materials, creative design ideas and the uniqueness of the image – the basis of creative DNA Malva Florea.

In 2018, a rebranding took place – this is how a new page in the history of the brand began: with a show on the main catwalk of the country as part of Ukrainian Fashion Week. And immediately after that, the brand held a successful show of the cruise collection in Mallorca. The brand is distinguished by elegance, exquisite handmade with complex textures, a combination of femininity and inner core. The brand is inspired by art objects, the power of nature, the beauty of female forms, unexpected combinations, as well as uniqueness and strong character.

The brand’s clients are women from megacities, socially active, who live in a dynamic rhythm, develop their personality, travel, always discover something new for themselves, self-sufficient, confident, with an inner core. These are women who start the day with coffee, checking mail and social networks, keep everything under control, follow fashion trends and at the same time keep up with everything!